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If you’re an amateur at maintenance but hoping to do the maintenance yourself to save some money, be warned. It can be very overwhelming and tiring to keep track of maintenance schedules, filter changes, skimming debris, and adhering to safety standards like chlorination without a basic background in the field. DIY types can save money doing there own pool service, however, a quality service can be well worth the cost. Here’s why: The time you save can be spent on actually enjoying that beautiful pool of yours. We highlight the top 5 benefits of hiring a pool service company to keep your pool beautiful, safe and clean at all times:

1. Pool maintenance services are more affordable than you might expect!

Depending on the size of your pool, you will only pay a minimal fee each month, ranging from $80 to $150. This fee usually involves the dedicated attention of a pool servicing technician for all 30 days of the month, the provision of pool maintenance supplies and chemicals, and use of the company’s equipment as well. Do your research right and choose an affordable pool service company. Over the long run, maintaining your pool single-handedly is likely to be more expensive (and exhausting) than hiring a pool service company.

2. Professional pool services can guarantee a job done correctly every time.

Putting the responsibilities of your pool maintenance into the hands of a pool service professional with years of training and experience, could be the wisest decision you will ever make for your pool. That involves everything from skimming debris from the water surface to maintenance of proper chemical levels. Most companies will also close your pool down at the end of the season and re-open it for you when it’s warmer. This involves a complicated procedure of draining water and water lines to below freezing level, adding anti-freeze, and covering your pool. If any step is done incorrectly, you might end up with a very unsafe ice rink in your backyard during the winter, and THAT would not be fun.


3. Preventative maintenance WILL save you money.

It's like everything else that we own, from garage tools, to your home and car...take care of it and it will serve you well!  Pools need care, generally more care than most home owners either WILL give it, or atre able to give it.  

4. Pool Service staff function as your own personal pool consultants to guide you when purchasing the best value-for-money pool supplies and equipment.

Workers at pool companies typically work with 60 or more pools in a month and regularly purchase supplies and equipment for pool owners. With their vast experience, they’ve got the expertise to differentiate a good buy from a bad one. They can help you allocate your pool budget on quality equipment that will last a lifetime. This is true whether you need chemicals, replacement parts, décor, or some other equipment. Generous amounts of chemicals that need to be constantly released into pools can be bought cheaply in bulk by pool companies. These savings are passed onto you as lower monthly fees.

5.You will have Less stress, tension, and hassles. This will be a huge relief.

With a pool service company at work on your pool each week, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your pool regularly or doing all the work yourself. Pool service professionals will also be able to give your pool the time and attention it requires when you are too busy. The highly valuable time that you waste on fixing pool problems will be better spent on relaxing with family or on a hundred other things.


...So Which Bakersfield Pool Service Company Can You Trust? 
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We strongly and with much confidence, recommend Dan @  Big Blue Pools Bakersfield

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Big Blue Pool Service Bakersfield is pleased to offer you the widest range and quality of pool services to meet your needs. Dan Phillips and his team are skilled professionals and are fully qualified and have years of experience to meet every situation you will face with keeping your pool clean and beautiful year – round. Need a pool repaired in Bakersfield? Call Dan @ Big Blue pool Service. Dan does excellent pool service and top notch repairs. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll meet and as such he'll give you fantastic customer service.


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