Why Swimming Can Help You Lose Weight

Swimming is a fantastic whole body workout, it is also very gentle on your joints, and gives you a wide range of health benefits. It helps to improve your lung function, increase your stamina, relax any tension in your body, and of course it helps you to lose weight too.

Swimming is one of the few types of exercise that can be done by anyone of any fitness level, at any stage of life. Since your body is suspended in water, this form of exercise is safe, and does not put the body under much stress. The result is a full body workout that supports the joints and keeps them supple and strong, without subjecting them to high loads like when you are pounding on a pavement or treadmill.

Not only is swimming an excellent workout by itself (most people won’t even need to do anything else), then it can also help you when you exercise out of the water too. Taking even a short swim prior to going to for a walk, run, or bike ride can make your muscles warm and pliable, and stimulate your circulation. Or you could try swimming after other exercise as a great way to cool down your body and relax the muscles.

As well as the host of physical benefits from swimming, it can also offer mental benefits too because it helps you to unwind after a stressful day at work. The soothing effect of the water lapping against your body, as well as the water taking all the weight off your muscles and joints, helps your mind to escape and relax. People who swim on a regular basis also tend to have higher self-esteem, more self-discipline, and are better able to set and stick to goals.

People who are trying to lose weight can get the most benefit from taking up swimming. Since the activity is low-impact, even people who are severely overweight can benefit from spending just thirty minutes in the pool. On average you can expect to burn about 3 calories, per pound of bodyweight, per mile swum. So for example, if you swam a mile and you weighed 200 pounds, then you could expect to burn about 600 calories. Of course you must keep in mind that weight loss results will vary depending upon your stamina, the total length of your workout, and the total distance you swim. You can see now why I think swimming is one of the best ways to lose weight, and one of the best ways to get or stay fit as well, even if you don’t need to lose any weight.

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