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Being a pool owner, you realize the importance of pool pumps and the filtration system to maintain the cleanliness of you swimming pool. This calls for pumps and filters for maintenance along with other pool pump accessories and filter accessories which help to make it easier.  Keeping your pool filter clean is a must to ensure that it stays in best shape as it removes debris and other pool contaminants effectively. Aside from cleaning and looking after them, filters also need to be filtered every now and then.

The heart of the circulation product is your swimming pool pump.  Contrary to public opinion, it is not always advised that you will get a bigger water pump unless someone who is professional enough to determine if your pool water pump is undersized, then that’s the time you change it. But if that is not the case, then it is better to keep what you have and just take good care of it.

Getting familiar with the pump’s “horsepower” is also a must. It should be found on the nameplate of the pump motor motor usually available at the left side. If you are not able to see it, the impeller’s part number can tell you the pump-motor’s horsepower.  Keep in mind that the smaller the horsepower is, the fewer amps it is going to draw which may affect the operation of the water pump. It is best that when choosing for pumps, make sure you keep near to specifications that are the initial ones.  Now you may wonder how long will your pump motor motors last. With proper maintenance, they could last to eight years before you having to rebuild or replace. Once you hear noises or some screeching sound, you know it’s time.  Probably the most common issues that you may encounter with pool pumps is the leaking. Do not worry because you can totally replace with a high temp fitting preventing it to happen again.

You will normally pay for $10 with pool supplies including the labor. Leaks may be the cause of the mechanical seal being worn out. This seal separates the wet and the dry area of the motor of the water pump itself. If this is actually the case, then you it is best that you replace the mechanical seal immediately. The seal usually costs around $12 including the labor.

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