Swimming Pool Paint from Ramuc Paints

Ramuc Swimming Pool Paint is a leading producer of swimming pool paint and swimming pool deck coatings. Ramuc swimming pool paint items are made and manufactured in Canada and the United States. Ramuc began out specifically for residential swimming pool owners. Residential spa owners would use Ramuc Swimming Pool Paint for resurfacing and repainting their swimming pools as well as resurfacing and recoating their spa decks.

Ramuc Pool Paint company now offers spa coating for commercial use as well. Ramuc Swimming Pool sealant is used in water parks, universities, hotels and resorts, city recreational centers and zoos. Ramuc Swimming Pool Paint Corporation is a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Ramuc Pool Paint offers the Type A Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint, Type EP Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating, Type EP Hi-Build Epoxy Coating, Type DS Water-Based Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint, Acrylic Swimming Pool Deck coating and Ramuc Swimming Pool Paint Thinner.

Type A Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint has a superior coverage amount compared to other chlorinated rubber sealants . Type A Chlorinated Rubber has a high gloss sheen that allows for easy cleaning . To apply Type A Chlorinated Rubber is easy to apply by roller or airless spray, it is a self-priming, two-coat system . Type A Chlorinated Rubber is the superior choice for painting murals and/or accents.

Type EP Epoxy Coating keeps previously painted epoxy or unpainted decks and is an excellent coating for waterpark facilities, including slides. Type EP Epoxy Coating is a high gloss, tile-like finish that is self-priming two-coat process that is abrasion and chemical-resistant.

Type EP Hi-Build Epoxy Coating renovates aged concrete, plaster and fiberglass decks that has up to eight or more years of service life. Type EP Hi-Build Epoxy Coating has a satin finish that is the superior choice for swimming pools and is abrasion and chemical-resistant. This epoxy coating is a self-priming two-coat process on bare surfaces that is an alternative to recoating at one-third the price .

Type DS Water-Based Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint is an excellent solution when quick down-time is critical. This self-priming pool coating is a two-coat process that adheres best on a cool , moist (not wet) and extremely clean surface.

Ramuc’s Acrylic Swimming Pool Deck Coating keeps your pool surface cool while maintaining it from harsh UV rays and will give a beautiful finishing touch to a vinyl liner pool deck. This self-priming deck coating is a two-coat system on bare surfaces uses Skit-Tex to help prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

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