Swimming Pool Paint from Kelley Technical Coatings

Kelley Technical Coatings has producing and developing swimming pool coating and resurfacing products for swimming pools for years. Kelley Technical Coatings produce and manufacturer their swimming pool paint resurfacing and repainting products in Louisville, Kentucky and ship around the globe . Kelley Technical Coatings has three total divisions for their products, Olmypic Pool products are geared primarily for all aquatic pool paint and coating items .

Epoxy swimming pool coverings are very effective and have a long life span for swimming pool coatings. Olympic Pool Products Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint is set up to an extremely finish that stands up to swimming pool compounds, pH balance and aquatic pool clean-up products. Olympic Pool Products Epoxy swimming pool paints are simple to clean and very tough. The following item descriptions detail the types of epoxy swimming pool coatings offered by Olympic Pool paint products:

Zeron: Extra Strong Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating

The ZERON aquatic pool paint system is the best epoxy pool paint on the market that only needs 1 coat.

This coating is spread by roller. ZERON swimming pool coating is recommended for expert pool builders and swimming contract companies. The finished surface will remain shinier and is easier to keep clean over a non-concrete pool for both commercial and residential swimming pools.

Coverage: About 125 – 150 square feet per gallon.

Available in these swimming pool paint colors: White, Blue Ice, Bikini Blue and Blue Mist.

Poxolon Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating

POXOLON 2 is a shiny epoxy pool paint that is simple to spread and should produce up to five years of use. Residential swimming pool owners can use POXOLON 2 on most traditional pool surfaces. Unpainted aquatic pool surfaces will require an initial prime coat to insure good sticking. Swimming Pool owners should use with a primer on hard surfaces, plaster, fiberglass and metal pools. You may need 2 finish coats of POXOLON 2 are required in most cases. POXOLON 2 may be applied by roller.

Application: Approximately 225 – 250 square feet per gallon.
Made in these aquatic pool paint options: White, Blue Ice, Blue Mist, Bikini Blue, Viking Blue, Spanish Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Red Pepper, Black, and Clear.

Paralon 2 Rubber Based Swimming Pool Enamel

PARALON 2 is premium grade chlorinated rubber swimming pool enamel. The Paralon 2 swimming pool coating is recommended for resurfacing existing chlorinated rubber swimming pool coatings. I

Coverage: Approximately 250 – 275 square feet average per gallon.
Available in these swimming pool colors: White, Blue Ice, Blue Mist, Bikini Blue and Black

Fusion Plus Conversion Swimming Pool Coating

FUSION PLUS aquatic pool paint can be used on top of current swimming pool epoxy paint. Residential swimming pool owners can clean surface, apply FUSION PLUS, then complete with one coat of ZERON or 2 applications of POXOLON.

Application: About 225 – 250 square feet per gallon

Patio Tones Swimming Pool Deck Coating

PATIO TONES swimming pool deck coating works for the re-application of sprayed and patterned concrete swimming pool surfacing solutions.

Coverage: About 90 – 125 square feet per gallon depending on area porosity.
Made in five-gallon and one-gallon buckets.
Two coats needed on initial application.

To conclude, Kelley swimming pool paints comes in several different paints for many different applications.

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