Moss-Based Pool Filter is the Healthy Filter

Good news! There is a cool innovation when it comes to swimming pool filtration technology in our pools at home. Recently, moss-based pool filters have been presented as a substitute to chlorine based pool filters. In this article, I will explore on the theory behind this new development in pool filtration system. I will also elaborate on the advantages of having moss-based pool filter for your home pools.

Different to popular notion, a moss is not the same with algae which are a microscopic plant. A moss is definitely a plant. The moss used in pool filtrations are those found in fresh waters. The idea of the moss-based pool filter is that, as observed by scientists, water with moss found in lakes tends to have clean and pristine water. This implies that exact concept could also be used in our pools.

This type of moss called sphagnum moss is known to eliminate bacteria, mold, and fungus found in swimming pools. This implies that the majority of bacteria living on the area of your pool are killed with moss based filtration system.

All these imply that the demand for chlorine in pools will be decreased if you utilize this type of pool filter. Also, algae, foams, and microscopic particles are removed with moss based filter.

The preparation includes gathering, drying, and processing sphagnum moss to be placed in packets placed in an offline dispenser. This will be placed as a pool filter as they are prepare to absorb dirt and microbes from swimming pools. There is a regular replacement of these packets.

Keep in mind that this innovation gives you a more environmental and natural option to chlorine based filters. Certainly it is a must have to those people who want cleanliness and fun to combine into your swimming pool use. I tell you, acquiring a moss-based filter system is worth considering. To know more about moss-based pool filters and compare it with other kinds of pool filtration system , go to today.

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