Maintaining you Pool with Paint

If your swimming pool is concrete you may want to use acrylic enamel pool paint, synthetic rubber or chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint, or epoxy pool paint. Many of these different types of pool paint are available at through the internet and every one has their own unique advantages. Of the selection of pool paints, epoxy paint has the most reliability when applying this type of paint to a concrete based aquatics pool.

If you have naked plaster or a marcite swimming pool, you can utilize any of the Kelley Technical coating pool paints. The epoxy swimming pool paint provides the best value. If the swimming pool’s existing surface is not smooth, prime it first with Gunzite. If the swimming pool texture is flat, prime with Poxoprime II before starting with Proxolon 2 or Zeron finishing coat. Many of these pool paints are available via the web if you have a bare plaster or marcite swimming pool.

If you own a fiberglass swimming pool you can take advantage of the epoxy swimming pool paint of your selection. When using Gunzite Primer, apply either Poxolon 2 or Zeron which are all available through the web for purchase.

For metal or aluminum swimming pools, epoxy swimming pool paint is your prefered selection. Both steel and aluminum swimming pools need a special primer prior to the application of the finishing coat. Ask the experts at Pool Paint Store for the prerequisites required.

Prior to all these, you will need to determine what swimming pool painting is presently on your pool. You can take a chip of your current swimming pool paint and send it to a variety of the pool paint manufacturers, including Kelley Technical Coatings, Ramuc Pool Paints.

Pool Paint Store has Kelley Technical Coatings and many others paint manufacturers available for online consumption  painting your swimming pool.

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