Keep your kids safe this summer

Inspite of our culture being based around beachside living and bronzed lifeguards astonishingly few people – including pool owners – know anything about resuscitation or water safety.

People expect that there will be splashing and shouting so parents can come to the rescue. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Drowning is fast and silent, which is why many parents didn’t even know it was happening.

A recent study by the Royal Lifesaving Society shows that toddlers and men aged 18 to 34 are the groupsmost at risk. High jinks and water sports can explain the high risk for the guys, but sadly thebackyard pool is the danger zone for children.

“An increasing number of children are drowning by getting through, under or over existing pool gates and fencing that their parents believed were secure,” said Royal Life Saving CEO, Rob Bradley. He also stressed the importance of getting a CPR qualification and keeping it current to ensure, in the event you need to use CPR, you have the skills to save a life.

A Hunter Health survey in 2004 found 4900 children under five, or one in eight toddlers, had had near-drowning experiences, mostly in backyard pools.

Spare an hour to learn CPR and potentially save a child’s life. Don’t hope for the best, don’t neglect your children’s safety. Take action now to protect your family.

Essential layers of protection when you have a pool are:

  • Have swim lessons. Make sure your children can swim from an early age
  • Ensure your pool gate complies with Safety Standards
  • Always close and check the pool gate
  • Learn CPR

Next year let’s aim for zero toddler drownings and help build a national of healthy, happy water-safe families.

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