How to Maintain Contemporary Glass Pool Fencing

Many properties in Perth and other places in The Land Down Under have swimming pools. Pools add beauty and functionality to a home. After a hard day’s work, you can relax in the cool water. Or you can invite a few friends over during the weekend for a refreshing dip while having a barbecue. You can have meetings with business partners, clients, providers, and visitors at the swimming pool rather than the living room or some other place inside your house itself to protect your privacy.

But having a pool could also be dangerous , especially if it lacks a fence or border of some sort. With the absence of a fence , you may inadvertnetly have placed your family in peril . They may enter the water and drown if they are unable to swim. They may risk injury if they come too close to the pool’s filtering apparatus. Worse, the risk substantially increases if no one is looking over them.

Thus, investing in a pool fence is surely a worthwhile investment. Many types of beautiful fencing exist, but glass pool fencing is quickly becoming the darling of home owners . These borders are made up of long-lasting glass panels that are fastened toaluminium or stainless steel posts and railings. The glass panels enable you to view the other side in an instant . Furthermore   the glass panels add a contemporary, modern, and clean feel to your place .

Just like any other structure in your property a glass fence needs to be regularly maintained. Else,  mildew will grow on the panels and irreparable damage may occur. There’s no need to worry though since maintaining your investment is easy without having to spend a lot

* Never use glass cleaners that are displayed in home-improvement shops or hardware stores. A lot of them leave ugly residue on the surface when they dry out. Instead, just use warm water and liquid soap, the kind you typically use for washing dishes. Create a solution by adding one part of soap to three parts of water and apply the solution on the glass panels using a sponge or a lint-free cloth. Get rid of the soap suds by hosing the panels with cool, clean water. Therafter, use a rubber squeegee to wipe the excess water.

* Avoid wiping the panels with a cotton cloth as the cloth’s material tends to leave tiny fibres and lint. Simply leave them to dry in the air and sun.

* Railings and posts also need to be maintained. Use a chamois, microfibre cloth, or sponge to wipe it clean. Never use ordinary cloth or polyester cloth because the rough material can scratch the chrome coating of the railings and posts. Keeping them spotlessly clean makes them the type of balustrading Perth homeowners would die for.

* For hard-to-remove stains, use a gentle methyl-based spirit or mineral-based turpentine to clean the structure. These chemicals are gentle enough to avoid damaging the coating.

* Do not forget to clean the attachments, bolts, and screws that hold the glass panels to the posts regularly, typically twice a year. Clean and spread a bit of grease on the screw treads.

By following these tips, your swimming pool’s glass fence will last you a lifetime.

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