How do I Clean My Salt Cell?

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Since the dawn  of salt chlorine genrators availability for swimming pools people’s lives have become easier. They have changed the swimming pool industry forever. There are many different kinds of salt systems now with the most popular being the Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite with the T-CELL-15 salt cell.  Below we will discuss how to care for theses systems to prevent purchasing salt replacement cells which can be very costly. These instructions will work for many salt systems although the best information is always found in the original manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

Let’s start with how to clean a salt cell. First, turn off your pump by it’s timer clock, switch, control system, or the best way is to turn the breaker off to your system so it will not come on automatically while performing this procedure. Second, remove the salt cell from the plumbing or it’s chamber. Some salt systems have unions on the salt cells to remove them from the plumbing. Others have a chamber which contain the salt cell that unscrews. If you have one of these with a chamber then remove the wires before unscrewing the salt from the chamber. Also a special note, if you own an Ecomatic salt chlorinator then the threads are left-handed because these are from Austrailia. This means to loosen the salt cell turn the cell to the right. Third, remove the wiring attached to the cell if applicative (some units i.e. Hayward Goldlinr Aqua Rite have the wiring permanently affixed). Fourth, take a plastic bucket or container, fill it with water approxiamately 1/4 full, and then fill the container up to the halfway mark with muriatic acid. Let the salt cell sit in the mixture until it stops aggitating. Fifth, carefully remove the salt cell from the container. Sixth, have a garden hose or another container with fresh water ready and rinse off the salt cell lightly. Finally, reverse the order of disassembly. That’s it you have just cleansed your salt cell!

The number cause of salt cell failure… is not maintaining the proper cyuanuric level in their pool water. Most people I talk to don’t even know what it does. Cyuanuric acid is all important(p) to keep a consistant level of chlorine in your pool water. It physically combines itself with the chlorine molecules in the water to protect them from UV light. This means it is essentially sun screen for the chlorine in your pool water. The cyuanuric acid level should be atleast 40 ppm. Several manufacturers reccommend the level to be 60-80 ppm. This chemical is diluted everytime fresh water is added to the pool via rain or tap water. So the cyuanuric acid needs to be checked when checking your salt level or atleast once a month. There are specific test kits for just cyuanuric acid.

These two crucial points will greatly increase your salt cell’s chance for a long life. There is no reason, outside of manufacture defect, why these should not last a minimum of 5 years. There are several out there that are 7 years old and still going strong. So as you can the trick is in the maintenance.

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