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Here’s what I know about pools…they are both wonderful and fun AND a pain in the rear to keep up…on your own.  Am I right? Well, if that’s not your experience, you are a lucky person or perhaps a glutton for punishment…one who loves doing all that hot sweaty work ON your pool rather than taking the time to ENJOY your pool.  So, I have a solution for you that will allow you to relax and play more….Let someone else DO all the pool work for you…no more hassles…

When You Look for a Swimming Pool Cleaning Service In Bakersfield…


What I’m about to say IS a bit unorthodox, but…We have two  high-quality pool service recommendations for you below but first…

Pools are great fun AND they also have a hassle factor that tends to cut in to your already busy life.  THAT is where finding a high quality pool service in Bakersfield makes sense.  REDUCE your hassles, reduce your stress.  THAT simply makes sense!    Choosing a pool maintenance and service company can be a “pain” but it doesn’t need to be when you have a good strong recommendation.     So that’s what we provide here.

When you think of what you want in a pool service a few things probably  come to mind – Here’s like a few things from YOUR own mental list:

clean swimming pool, dirty pool

See Our high-quality pool service recommendation below:

  • Convenience! – Personally, I hire someone else to clean the pool BECAUSE I don’t want the hassle.  I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to do anything except go to the yard and jump in OR go to the yard and NEVER jump in the pool and yet still know that it’s clean and looks great!

  • Who really wants to keep up with all the chemicals and the cleaning of filters, the PH factors, the clarifier and so much more?  No one but a pro really wants to mess with all of that!

  • FOR SOME: while it’s not a critical point for everyone, many want a pool company who has expertise in GREEN cleaning.  Natural products rather than the harsher chlorine.  WELL:  we have a strong recommendation! Big Blue Pools Bakersfield

    At the end of a long day at work, the first and only thing that you as a pool owner really wants is…wait for it, a clean pool to relax by or relax in, not the never ending process of grabbing a pool net and pole and picking up debris.

Who do we recommend as a solid and dependable pool service who will treat you right week in and week out?

Click on the graphic below and read about what they can do for you at their website.  Then you decide, but I promise that you’ll like what you see, hear and read and you’ll love the way your pool looks.

Our Choice for Excellent Pool Service in Bakersfield?


One great choice:

One Great Pool Service Company

You went to a lot of trouble to have your pool designed, built and installed (or someone did), NOW, it’s time to take care of it!  So we recommend  using a pool service to do all the work for you and remove YOUR hassles!! These companies are busy BUT FOR A REASON! THEY are GREAT at what they do.  You know the old saying, “Who do you get to do an important job?”  Answer:  “The busiest guy you know.”  Why?  Because they KNOW what they are doing and are efficient in getting it done!!

  • Dan at BigBluePools will do GREAT work on your pools – They’ll remove the hassles and pressures from that task!

  • Big Blue Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service – Bakersfield – Call Dan @ 374-9320

AND…If You Need a Pool Fence,

Use Best Fence Bakersfield!



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