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Sorry, but Pool Cleaning is part of owning a pool!

Having your own backyard pool creates multiple opportunities for fun, socializing and deepening friendships.  At the same time, it takes a good amount of effort to keep that pool looking great and not create hassles.

If you’re a “nurturing” kind of person with a good amount of available time, you might find the process of cleaning a pool each week rather enjoyable, yes even a bit “nurturing”.  But catch the emphasis on the word “time”.  It will take your time.
If you plan to clean your own pool, buying top quality products is important. The old adage that “you get what you pay for” is pretty accurate here.  Big Blue Pool Service Bakersfield can do your pool service for you or sell you the quality pool service products you may need.

Where to start?

  • Know the measurements and gallons of water that your pool holds.  These will be used to maintain the proper chemicals in the pool – too much is NOT a good thing when it comes to chlorine and ph levels.
  • The various steps of pool service includes: checking the chlorine and ph levels, brushing the walls and floor, vacuuming the bottom, skimming any debris off the top of the pool such as leaves, emptying both the skimmer baskets and the pump basket.
  • You will do the majority of these items weekly, but on occasion, you will want to check the baskets and empty them as well as keeping the water level high enough so that the pump doesn’t run dry.
The steps themselves are not especially complicated but doing all of them can be quite a chore.  Determine whether you want to take on this task yourself or outsource it to a company such as Big Blue Pool Service Bakersfield.  If we can assist you with your pool service, do give us a call today @ 661-374-9320

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