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Is Cleaning Your Pool a Hassle?

Pool Hassles Become a Dread

A backyard pool is a no small responsibility.  Ensuring the safety of your family and guests when they use the pool looms large as does maintaining the service needed on the pool.  In some ways, they are the same issue.  Proper pool service is a big part of your family and friends being able to enjoy the pool safely.
Correct sanitation is needed to maintain the water clarity and to control and ideally stop algae build up.  Proper pool care prevents possible illness from dirty or algae filled water and also deters the deterioration of pool equipment.  A chemically unbalanced swimming pool can lead to skin and eye irritation as well as shorten the lifestyle of pumps and filters.
Pool service when done by the home owner is not for the timid or faint of heart.  That may sound a bit self-serving, but at Big Blue Pool Service in Bakersfield we specialize in knowing every aspect pool service and maintenance and our goal is to enable you to simply enjoy the pool.  Allow Big Blue to eliminate the hassles of pool maintenance and repairs.  Our pool staff will service your pool weekly, take care of all of the ongoing maintenance, maintain proper chemical balancing and do everything in our power to stops costly swimming pool repairs.
We all have families that we want to provide for and enjoy and swimming pools play a part in that.  We mentioned above the hassles of pool service and frankly pools are a big job at times which can become a big hassle when it’s not your main focus.  In fact, when you come home from work and you know that you have maintenance to do on the pool – some of which you do not really understand, the hassle becomes a dread.  Again, that is where a pool service steps in.  We know pools, and it’s not a hassle for us, it’s what we do.
Get to know us; allow us to remove the hassle and dread – we are a pool service business with a heart to serve.
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