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Recreation can be expensive.  Have you priced a vacation at Disneyland? Are you considering taking a cruise? It’s not cheap to simply go to the beach and especially not an amusement park?  We all undertand that it takes a few bucks to recreate and it’s worth it.  What’s really great is to realize that your backyard swimming pool, can be s a mini-vacation all summer long.

Things to know about Your Pool – Ideas to Consider

Do you have a pool service or are you doing it yourself?  Swimming pool costs vary greatly, depending on the kind of pump installed, level of use and regular upkeep. Most pool owners who are energy conscious opt for reducing costs the easiest way possible: running the pump less often or not at all…bad idea. The pump does use electricity — it pumps water through a filter to keep the water clean. If the pump is not used often or at all, then when it is finally turned on it will end up costing you a great deal more in chemicals, the filter will need to be clean two to three times as much, not to mention you will be unable to use the pool because of algae problems. The best bet is to have a good quality filter that will make your pump work more efficiently in less time. There are three main types of filters: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth. All have their pros and cons, but overall the diatomaceous earth variety is the most efficient and has the finer filtering of all three filters. But don’t discount the sand filter either. The cartridge type tend to work well but are harder to clean. Units typically fit both small and slow pool pumps, allowing for greater flexibility. Also, there are some brands designed to encase the actual filter fibres in cartridges, adding a whole new level of convenience for the pool owner.

Pool Service Savings

To reduce the annual costs of pool maintenance, take advantage of seasonal temperature changes. Since algae requires warm water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to grow, the warm months require regular use of the pool pump. In colder months algae does not grow, so there is not need to run the pump as often. As you begin to set up a regime of pool maintenance throughout the seasons, watch things carefully. Every region has different levels of humidity, temperature and water quality. Some places may see a faster development of algae, while others find it easier to keep the little goblins at bay. Either way, it is important to find that balance between energy savings and dirty water because everything boils down to cost.
Having a pump with a 24-hour clock and timer on it will help reduce energy costs as well. The times for the pump to turn on and off can be set according to the season, providing the best year-round efficiency. Additionally, there is the option of a variable speed pump. These pumps include different speeds for water features and seasonal changes that require less water and electricity. In fact, the variable speed design reduces energy costs so significantly; California enacted a mandate in 2008 demanding the use of two speed pumps in every pool. Now there are pumps with up to eight programmable speeds.
Having a backyard swimming pool doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Regular maintenance, good quality equipment and the intelligent use of energy will reduce pool expenses a great deal. Partner with a swimming pool service who has staked their reputation on knowing about pools and caring for their customers – Big Blue Pool Service in Bakersfield, CA.  Big Blue Pool Service brings together the strongest team of swimming pool professionals.  We enable our customers access to the highest quality of swimming pool equipment at the best prices available, without sacrificing service. For more information about pool pumps, filters, heaters and cleaners, visit us online or give us a call.  Big Blue pool service will do everything possible to exceed your expectations —  courtesy to you and great pool service care!

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